If you have come to believe that finding and keeping superstar employees is darn near impossible… and if you suspect that your complaining and unmotivated staff is severely limiting your ability to make money and to be happy… then this may be the most exciting message you ever read.

Hi. My name is Kurt Linneman and I am here to help you make more money (and enjoy more worry-free time off) with my small business staffing system: “Have Perfect People.” Here are the two ways I share my


1. My Web Store

2. One-On-One Coaching Programs

I provide the tools to do the interviewing, hiring, training AND firing to get
you the superstar employees that will help you increase your small business profits, reduce payroll costs and allow you to enjoy more worry-free time off.

You will smile quietly to yourself at your new-found power… as you finally get the respect of your staff– and the control that you deserve.

And everything I do comes with a 100%, no-strings-attached guarantee. You are the sole judge and jury.

I have decided to share the secrets to my success with you because I want to save you from doing all the brutally hard work I went through. Ten years ago, I just wish there had been someone like me to show me this system. I would have gladly given them anything.

The fact is, you don’t need more employees… you need BETTER employees. I will show you how to do more work with less people (more important than ever in this “new” economy).

Result: Your small business will run on all cylinders… profits soar. and, you will finally have time to plan new ideas and take long, luxurious vacations (in fact, I am tired of vacation).

But you say: ” My small business doesn’t have the glamour jobs that attract superstar employees.”

Relax. My staffing system was specially designed for the so-called “shit jobs” (dirty manual labor, boring office jobs and customer service).

Or you might tell me, “But my business is different.”

Truth is, all small businesses face basically the same problems. You see, small business success in every single market out there, depends on having the right employees to run your business.

You can use my superstar staffing system to interview, hire, train and motivate superstar employees– no matter what small business you are in–
Office Catering, Fitness Clubs, Restaurants, Customer Service, Retail, Sales Associates, Cleaning, IT Companies, Hospitality, Country Clubs, Engineers, Insurance, Office Management, Administration, Drivers and more.

My small business tools are guaranteed to increase profiability in your small business (what I have developed has meant millions to me).

And my staffing tools are so simple to use. In fact, most of my tools can can be implemented in minutes.

Put just one of my staffing tools from my “Have Perfect People” staffing system into play and it will pay for itself… immediately.

I lay my staffing system out for you– in plain English (no fancy MBA language) – and I tell you exactly what to do, every step of the way. You see, even though I am a small business consultant… I don’t talk like one.

And, no, my staffing system is not an outside service (no hiring agencies are involved): It’s all in-house. This is a quick-learn staffing system that… once I show you the pro-level staffing tools… you can do it yourself (or your administrative assistant can do it for you)… and you won’t have to hire an HR person either (who I’ve found aren’t very good at this, anyway).

As your small business consultant, I will never make you wade through a horrifying string of emails… or struggle through a complicated box of CD’s… and I won’t make you read some deadly-dull manual …

You see, the best part is: I will be there to hold your hand every step of the way.

My first business venture was a labor-intensive small business- Crocodile catering ( I’ve owned it for 23 years). It took me around half those years to realize my MBA and previous business experience was darn-near worthless when it came to interviewing, hiring, and training a staff of superstar employees.

And, brother, did I have my share of messy employee problems when it came to firing, termination, counseling and employee discipline.

At first, I tried the usual route to fix my employee problems.

I plowed tens of thousands of dollars into HR consultants (who gave me non-real-world advice that didn’t work)… reading every book on human resources out there (and throwing most of them in the trash because they ignored the demands of small business models). I even shelled out for an MBA.

After all this expense and time, I realized the answer was going to have to come from me, alone.

So, I spent the next ten years developing a real-world, do-it-yourself staffing system – tailored to small business models — to cure my “problem employees” – and lower my labor costs– for once and for all.  

Why did I go through all this hard work? Because I like being able to do things that other people can’t.

And, by gods, I learned how to FIX all my employee problems. I became expert at interviewing, hiring, firing, discipline, training. And I put an end to the daily employee drama that was driving me crazy..

Result: I have a step-by-step staffing system I can give you that will solve all your firing, hiring, interviewing and training problems once and for all- 100% guaranteed.

When I show you how to put my employee staffing system into place, you will immediately simplify every staffing problem that has been bugging every small business since the dawn of capitalism…

Result: You will have less employee drama, reduced labor costs, increased sales, and reduced employee turnover, 

And, no, you won’t have to re-do your business model.

When I finally cracked the code on interviewing, hiring and training “superstar”  employees, I was amazed at how much easier everything became in my office catering business. I began hiring superstar employees by offering nothing more than a simple and fair deal (I pay around $15/hr to start – along with specific motivational bonuses that work like magic).

My loyal, engaged, damn-near perfect employees are happy to be in a workplace that is fun, exciting, and (yeah, I know it’s a cliche, but it’s true) runs like a good-hearted family.

In my office catering business, sick days are down 145%, turnover is down 76%, labor cost is down 45% and no one ever leaves for a “better” job. And I just love coming into work on Mondays…

… and, like I said, my bottom line has just gone nuts.

The difference in my own mental health has been shocking (since I now spend less time “down-in-the-trenches”, confident that things will run like clockwork without my “mother hen” supervision)… my bottom line profits have skyrocketed. And I love my reduced labor costs (that’s what happens when there is no more “dead weight”).

At first, I shared my discoveries with a few colleagues outside of the catering and restaurant and hospitality fields. When they also experienced results like this, I realized I had created a staffing system that ANY small business owner with employees can use… no matter what skill set you require (college, years of experience, specific prior training).

So I named my new business “Have Perfect People.” And I am now offering to reveal the simple, easy secrets of creating a perfect staff to you…  without risk.

My “Have Perfect People.” staffing system gets you damn-near perfect people who will connect you to vastly increased profits that will make your little heart leap for joy.

Now consider the alternative. Without the perfect staff, you settle for the usual gang of unmotivated, “just-pulling-down-a-paycheck” difficult employees… and you’re just like every other struggling business.

Struggling to meet the demands of your customers, struggling to keep the wheels in motion, struggling to keep yourself from strangling the unfocused, drama-causing,slackers on your payroll who keep your life miserable.

Now, before I tell you more about my staffing system secrets, let me assure you that what works so well for me can work equally well for you, too.

Look – if you have employees, then staffing is one of the major small business challenges you face every day. And staffing problems are the most common reasons that owning a small business becomes more like a prison sentence.

You can spend a lifetime using hit-and-miss hiring strategies (or, worse, rely on luck or family and friends), lurching from staffing crisis to crisis… and NEVER learn the simple, easy, quick-to-implement secrets of finding the PERFECT employees for your biz.

We all know down deep, a superstar is worth at least three times more than the “average mediocre Joe.” And please… don’t resign yourself to the mindset that dealing with piss-poor help is just the nature of your particular industry.

With me as your small business coach, you’re going to learn to find superstar talent quick and make the direct connection to … less drama, more worry-free time off and huge profits.

My staffing system isn’t brain surgery (it is quite simple and straight-forward), but the fact is, 99 out 100 small businesses are totally clueless when it comes to interviewing, hiring and training superstar talent.

You see, the commonly taught method of staffing a business — the “old way”– is fundamentally broken (psst… I will show you why most small businesses spend almost all of their time looking for the wrong things.)

My staffing system takes all the best shortcuts (remember, there isn’t an HR consulting or training program that I haven’t had a sniff of) plus some of the stuff I’ve invented (a lot of it you have probably never heard of before… even if you have an MBA.)

You need only apply the magic.

But enough talk about me, I want to learn about you and your problems and how I, Kurt Linneman, as your business consultant can turn your struggling small business into a profit magnet!

So if you are ready to take your business to the next level then you need to put aside whatever you were doing next because YOU NEED MY HELP.