11 Breakthroughs In 6 Short Weeks

If you are reading this, then you know that your employees are holding you back. But still, you may be skeptical about my coaching program and want to know exactly what you get with my “Have Perfect People” staffing system.  

Here Are The 11 Staffing Breakthroughs I Will Help You Achieve In Your Small Business…

1. Weed out the slackers and losers…and replace them with superstar employees… while reducing payroll costs.

You don’t need more employees… you need better employees. With my proven staffing system, you will do more work with less employees than you ever thought possible (one of my staff members recently told me, “I’ve never seen a small business with a sense of urgency the way it is here.”)

2. Eliminate 99% of the employee drama at your workplace.

First off, I will show you how to eliminate the complaints from your staff that just tick you off. I don’t know about you, but I used to get these all the time:

  • “Nobody ever listens to my ideas.”
  • “I’m just a cog in the wheel.”
  • “It’s not my job.”
  • “Everybody does things different around here”
  • “They don’t pay me enough to do that.”  

You know, these employee complaints are really just the red flags that tell you when your staff has gone off the rail…I’ll show you how to make your staff give you the respect you deserve (and they’ll do it with a smile).

3. Never again feel anxious and uncomfortable when you take a day off (or even a lengthy vacation).

At last, become an “effortless” small business that doesn’t need you there every second of the day… cracking the whip just to survive.
I’ll show you how simple it is to install my small business tool, my “Behavior Scorecard” into your company (it will make even your average employee really want to cooperate and take responsibility).

4. Attract top talent who will treat your small business like their own (yes, even if you are convinced that your applicant pool is crammed with losers).

I will show you how to write help wanted ads that makes the whole employee hiring process so much easier, no matter what position you need to fill (chefs, cashiers, retail managers, customer service, fitness clubs, engineers, etc.)… I’ll even show you a simple little trick so that you won’t hear from the potential problem employees you would never want to talk to anyway.

5. Learn how to interview employees the right way (say goodbye to “winging-it” and relying on “gut-feel”).

My easy-to-use interview scorecards, grade out each and every job applicant with cold, hard numbers (this makes comparing applicants a breeze). The interview scorecards are easy-to-use because each specially designed interview question has response guidelines that show examples of superstar answers, an average answers and the lame, B.S. answers.

6. Put the hammer down on problem employees (the kind that keep you up at night).

I’ll show you effective employee discipline and how to hire your employees with a built-in “Escape Clause” that means you’re not stuck with them if they don’t work out (best yet, my “Escape Clause” holds up in court).

I’ll also show you how to resolve conflict with problem employees in a quick and organized fashion so things don’t snowball into a nest of nightmares and poor employee morale. You will learn how to discipline your employees to improve workplace behavior (and what to do if you need to fire employees with my employee termination procedures).

I make employee discipline a logical process so that if you finally need to terminate an employee, it comes as no surprise…it’s not going to ruin your week, or even your afternoon (there are no bad feelings and you won’t have an employee going “postal”).

7. Slash the time you spend on staffing issues…no more trial and error… using my streamlined, step-by-step staffing system to get staffing done right the first time. In my small business, we actually spend half the time staffing than we did back in the “old days” because there is no more tinkering around and reinventing the wheel. My employee staffing system at “Have Perfect People” includes all the simple checklists, shortcuts and processes you need to…

  • Get your employee orientation checklist down in less than an hour… (application forms, W-9’s, employee handbooks, etc). In a short period of time your new superstar employee can know everything they need to know.
  • 15 minute employee performance reviews… loaded with 35 specific, “street-level,” no B.S. examples of how “perfect,” superstar employees behave.
  • Get everybody on-the-same-page with our easy-to-use job description template.
  • Find out what your employees do best… why torture yourself (and your employees) by hiring them to do a job they have little talent for? I’ll give you the simple test to find out what they do best once and for all…before you bring them aboard.
  • Simple, super-reliable on-line small business tools that screen out the bad apples, the slackers, the druggies and the thieves…before they come in and ruin your life


8. Spend less time training. Make sure your employees “get it”…fast… with our simple, four-step “Impact Training Tool Kit” (you’ll save lots of time–for us, it was a 30-40% labor savings). There’s a trick to training  employees (and it’s not a hard trick). And the trick is not about what products you make– or even what small business you’re in.

9. Reduce employee turnover (no more endless training and embarrassing mistakes)… with a three minute technique which was developed through millions of dollars of research by the Gallup people (and as soon as I saw what they were doing, I realized it would work even better for small business than it would for big business). With this simple small business tool– if employee turnover has been a problem for you– in just minutes you’ll be able to identify the root cause, solve it and eliminate the words “employee turnover” from your vocabulary forever.

10. Stop having to do all the employee training yourself. Your employees will learn the key, money making skills… goal-setting, communication, courtesy, focus, tact and flexibility (without you having to teach them).

11. And… the icing on the cake… is the way you will increase profits in your small business. One of the biggest reasons people love my staffing system so much is because it solves their headaches– but the icing on the cake is the increased profits (and yes I’m asking you to trust me, here).

You see, my staffing system will help you with the marketing in your small business– because I can show you how to hire and motivate great employees that will automatically become obsessed with pleasing your customers (no matter what market you’re in).

You see, great employees attract the best, loyal customers that create a great, profitable small business. great employees mean so much to your small business…even more than overjoyed customers and increased profits.
Never forget the fundamental equation:

“Linneman’s Law”…

Great Employees = Increased Profits + More Time Off  +  Less Employee Drama

Look, if you have more than a few employees, then they are there for a reason… and that reason is to make your small business hum. Great employees will make your small business hum at an entirely different level… and what that means is increased profits, happier customers, better word of mouth and easier picking all across the board.

You see, the way your employees affect your bottom line may be invisible to you right now, but your profits will jump… it’s almost an automatic thing and your little heart is going to yelp for joy when you see it happening.

So while you’re solving your biggest small business staffing problems (in about three payroll cycles), you’re going to see a major identifiable, specific jump in profitability… and the increased profits are going to get bigger and bigger as you go along… and you may not believe this right now, but trust me… this is the icing on the cake.

And I have lots more… including ideas so powerful I can’t even begin to list them here.