15 Minute Consultation

If you suspect that your  employees are holding you back… and you are desperate for someone to solve your employee problems once-and-for-all, then we should talk.

I am simply and honestly offering you a brief consultation that will open your eyes to a whole new world of happy, motivated employees running your small business at peak efficiency.

This initial consultation is free- no strings attached.  There is zero obligation, nothing to sign or commit to… and 100% confidential.
To get the free consultation, simply email me by clicking here and in the subject line put “Kurt, I want the free consultation.” I will set up a 15 minute phone call and you can ask me about any of your employee problems you want solved quickly.
Here is just a sampling of topics we might discuss during your free consultation to see how I might be able to help you…

And I have so many more small business tools to slaughter your staffing challenges that you’ll be sorry you never contacted me for consulting earlier.

I’m going to make you a big promise. My small business one-on-one

coaching program could literally be the “launching pad” for a new life, increased profits and new levels of small business success.

Remember Linneman’s Law…

Great Employees = Increased Profits + More Time Off  +  Less Employee Drama

I want to help you find the kind of workplace you’ve always dreamed about, but you have not yet been able to find. The only thing that’s separating you from where you are now and where you need to be is consistent daily use of my “Have Perfect People” staffing solutions. You only need to apply the magic.