15 Minute Performance Reviews

If you always procrastinate when it comes to performance reviews, then I am here to help.

Maybe you don’t even do a performance reviews because your employees get too sensitive (and maybe even cry) and you start to feel like you are a psycho-analyst instead of a small business person.

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Well, I’m here to put an end to the performance review procrastination… and I will also help you put an end to the sleepless nights you spend worrying about giving the “tough” performance review to the problem employee.

If performance reviews have been a problem for you, then I can help you quickly and easily help you measure employee behavior and physical tasks.

Result: you will start to see improvements in your employee productivity…which will lead to an increase in your small business profits. My small business performance review system makes sense and everyone can relate to it. 

Here’s how my performance review system works (it’s just a four-step process)…

    1. Employee fills out the “Self-Evaluation and Goal Worksheet.” Trust me, you want them to think about their job performance before the review.


    1. Manager grades the employee’s workplace behavior. In my performance reviews, behavior counts for 2/3 of the performance review score (and I will give you the behavior scorecard).  In just 15 minutes the manager can give an employee behavior score from zero to four (This is a cold hard number…not a subjective evaluation).


    1. Manager grades the job related tasks that are in the employee job description (Once again on a scale from zero to four). These tasks make up 1/3 of the employee performance review.


  1. Manager grades out the employee’s overall performance review on a scale from 0 to 4 (2 parts behavior to 1 part task).