About Kurt

Kurt Linneman is a small business consultant, owner and founder of “Have Perfect People.

Kurt opened his first labor-intensive service business, Crocodile Corporate Catering, back in 1988. “Labor-intensive” is the do-or-die term here.

Kurt came to recognize a few years back that his HR background and Master’s degree in Leadership Development and small business experience didn’t help me much when it came to hiring, interviewing, motivating, employee discipline and firing the people he needed (executive chefs, admins, sales reps, cooks, general managers, drivers, etc.).

That’s because the commonly taught methods for hiring, interviewing and training are designed for big business budgets who have lots of time and money to hire, interview and train their employees.

Kurt had no big business budget. And he had no time… and little extra money for things big biz can afford (expensive help wanted ads in newspapers, smily faced training coordinators, etc.)

And still Kurt needed to compete with big business chains for the

superstar employees he so desperately craved.

So Kurt had to take his big business training and mold it into a system that would work for his small business so he could compete with much larger businesses. And he was determined to create a system that would be simple, work fast and cost very little to use.

So Kurt developed his staffing system now taught in the “Have Perfect People” — a simple, fast, do-it-yourself way for small businesses to solve all those hiring, firing, training, discipline and firing problems – for once and for all.

Making life easier for Kurt and his restaurant managers, sales associates, administrative assistants, chefs and cashiers was not the only outcome from my new small business staffing system.

Like any other self-employed small business owner, Kurt needed to make a profit. Back in 2000, Kurt installed my staffing system into my office catering business – Crocodile Catering – and sales jumped 197% in three short years.

Kurt was able to jettison his mediocre employees and trade them in for superstar employees. And even though my catering business was doing an extra $25,000/week in sales, he didn’t have to add any extra employees.

Talk about getting more-work-done-with-less people and reducing basic payroll costs (less cashiers, less chefs, less administrators, less managers… you get the idea).

Here’s what Kurt Linneman has to say…

“When I finally cracked the code on hiring and training superstar employees, I was amazed at how much easier everything became. I finally had superstar employees in my small businesses motivated to get the work done with zero-drama and total focus on increasing profits. And I didn’t have to be there every second of the day cracking the whip just to survive.

And if a problem employee ever did find their way into one of my businesses, I learned how to discipline– and perhaps even fire the employee– with almost zero drama and no legal consequences down the road.

As a result of my hard work,
my managers’ lives have improved too. My general managers- and my assistant managers- needed small business coaching tools that would work fast in the heat of battle- with little “brain damage.”

My staffing tools are so easy to use, even my bookkeepers, administrative assistants, chefs, catering specialists and prep cooks enjoy using these tools.

I am totally convinced that it is more important for you to master the staffing skills I teach in “Have Perfect People” than anything else you can do… regardless of what small business you are in.”

Kurt Linneman is one of the most down-to-earth guys you’ll ever meet in business. Best yet, he doesn’t act like a stuffy, theoretical small business consultant (he will never use words like corporate culture, workforce management, personnel management, etc.).

Kurt is also expert in small business marketing, copywriting for websites and search engine optimization (SEO).

Kurt has a knack for getting right at the heart of your most pressing small business challenges and offering simple staffing solutions that you can put to work today. He brings an edginess and street-savvy to his work that actually makes interviewing, hiring, training, motivating, counseling, disciplining– and even firing– your employees fun 🙂

Kurt will happily respond to any inquiries you may have via email: