Who Needs My Help?

If any of these people sound like you… then we should talk.

The “Mr. Nice Guy” small business owner who has tried being nice and has found that his employees take advantage of him at every turn. I can show you how to make them obey your rules. My system is fair and logical so you won’t have to feel like Attila the Hun.

Lucky– and very smart– new-comers who want to utilize the full force of veteran experience (I just wish I would’ve had the option of hiring me when I started my small business).

Anyone who believes that employee problems are just the nature-of-their particular industry (fitness clubs, customer service, manual labor, etc.). One guy recently told me “The kinds of people I have to hire are just like that.”

The small business owner who has lost his life (while his employees dance and play). Yeah, you’ve made some money, but at what cost?

The idealistic, confused optimist who knows things should be better in their small business, but can’t put their finger on it. (Because I’ve been doing this for so long, I can spot the solution to your employee problems in minutes.)

If any of these people sound like you, read on.

You probably have come with me this far because you suspect that your employees are the biggest problem in your small business. But you still aren’t 100% sure.

To help you determine if your employees are the biggest problem in your small business, I have developed a Small Business Staffing Scorecard. It will only take you five minutes to fill out and when you are done you will know whether or not staffing is the biggest problem in your small business.

“Have Perfect People”
Small Business Staffing Scorecard

My experience has proven that improving any of these areas can have a major impact on your small business.

Use this scale to score the questions below:
0=Strongly Disagree 1=Disagree 2=Neutral 3=Agree 4=Strongly Agree

Job Description  And Employee Handbook
1. I have an employee handbook written in plain English that lists all the policies that are important to me (sick days, lateness, smoking, discipline, internet use, cell phone use, break policy, termination, etc.)
2. I have created a written, master list of all the tasks that need to be done in my small business (this list helps me hire, train and delegate).
3. I have outlined a number of specific behaviors that I expect from my employees and have included these behaviors in my employee handbook.
4. I have crystal-clear job descriptions for all of my employees.


Help Wanted Ads And Interviewing
1. I have several ways to generate referrals to attract new employees
2.When I need to hire a new employee, I follow a well-thought-out sequence to place the help wanted ads.
3.I have a library of effective help-wanted ads created specifically for all the job positions in my small business.
4.I have set interview questions that I ask of each applicant.
5. I do three interviews before I hire any job applicant.
6. I have benchmarks to evaluate each response during the job interview.
7. I check references for all applicants.  I have a checklist that I use to do this.


Hiring And Employee Selection
1. I conduct drug testing and credit checks on all my job applicants.
2.I test all my job applicants for math, verbal and customer service skills.
3.I have a built-in escape clause in my employment contracts so that I can terminate during the first 90 days if employee behavior is sub-standard.
4.I have a standard orientation package that I use when I start new employees. (Application forms, employment contract, W-9’s, employee handbooks, etc).


Employee Training and Performance Reviews
1. I use a training plan each time I train an employee.
2. I have several different methods to measure the performance of my employees.
3. I have a set performance review system that I follow regularly.
4. I have low employee turnover. I measure my employee turnover using the annual turnover ratio.
5. I have my employees evaluate their own performance before I evaluate them.


Employee Counseling, Discipline and Firing
1. I rarely pay unemployment claims.
2. I have counseling forms and firing (termination forms) specific to my employee handbook and my small business..
3. Employee attendance and punctuality is not a problem for me.
4. I rarely have problem employees occupy my thoughts when I am not at work.
5. I have never lost a customer because of a problem employee.
6. Problem employees rarely distract me from important projects.

Total Of All Scores        ___  / 27= _______ ( Final Score)

So, do you need my help?

If you scored a 3.0 or above: Congratulations. You are in the top 5% of all small businesses, staffing is not the biggest problem in your small business, but you can invest in my  Have Perfect People Staffing System to fine-tune your small business for more efficient hiring, help wanted ads, job descriptions, and firing.

If you scored between 2.0 and 2.9:  You are doing some things right, but still staffing is a major problem for you and your small business. When you invest in my Have Perfect People Staffing System, we can move you quickly into the top 5% of all small businesses. When this happens, your profits will increase as your small business becomes more efficient at hiring, help wanted ads, job descriptions, and firing.

If you scored below 1.9:  You are suffering from a lack of structure and a lack of staffing systems…Staffing is the biggest problem in your small business and your employees are causing you more problems right now than you can ever possibly imagine. But don’t worry, when you invest in my Have Perfect People Staffing System your small business will improve by leaps and bounds as you become better at interviewing, hiring, help wanted ads, job descriptions, employee discipline and firing.…literally overnight. GUARANTEED.