Why Am I Doing This?

When I started my first small business (over 20 years ago), I had to slog through years of trial and error, making every staffing mistake possible, learning my lessons painfully… and moving forward slowly.

There was one good thing about my encountering first-hand virtually every employee problem that has ever haunted the small business man.  My experience has made me a VERY good small business coach because I really understand your staffing problems at the “street level.”

You know, back in my darkest days (when my employees were driving me crazy), If a small business staffing expert like me had been around to show me exactly-what-to-do to get “Perfect People” into my small business … then I would have gladly given them my right arm.

So I made a simple vow:If and when I “made it”… I would do everything I could to help other small business owners with hiring and interviewing and training great employees. And I’d show them how to fire the bad employees.

And I did “make it”, in spades.  When I discovered the secrets to finding great employees for my small business, what a difference it made in my life. Long, luxurious vacations, and buckets of money. In fact, I have achieved total and complete financial liberty.

You see, great employees can make all the difference in any small business.  The formula is really quite simple. I call it…

“Linneman’s Law”…

Great Employees = Increased Profits + More Time Off  +  Less Employee Drama

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If you would like more individualized help and attention, my one-on-one coaching could make all the different for you…have you smiling and dancing…while your peers and competitors are weeping, wailing, and wringing their hands in despair.

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Here is my story and why I want to help you…

You know, it has taken me 20 years of my life and literally millions of dollars to develop this small business staffing system that I needed to fix my employee problems so that I could get the lifestyle I always wanted. I have researched the best practices of most successful small businesses in the world.

I really dug deep on this… I got my MBA… and even studied eastern philosophy and Japanese management practices (and learned the real reasons why Japan has been kicking GM’s butt for the last 20 years).

And, of course, I went to the school-of-hard-knocks.

Back in the beginning, I worked so hard I scarcely had time to go to the bathroom (I am not kidding). After ten years, even though I was still grinding like a mad-man, sales began to stagnate… some weeks I wouldn’t take a paycheck, just so I could meet the payroll.

Owning my small business (which should have been the joy of my life) was becoming more like a hard-working, low-paying job.

My employee problems were affecting every single part of my small business (and even my personal life) in ways that, back then, I could not even imagine. My problem employees were creating profit-sucking inefficiencies, morale problems and I never felt comfortable leaving them alone.

I was spending most of my time fixing the problems my employees created – or just plain doing their jobs for them. Believe me, when it came to employee problems, I had them up the yin-yang (slackers, high-maintenance drama queens, evil administrative assistants, coming in late, calling out sick, bad-mouthing me and my company, etc.).

All the while a burning question kept gnawing at my gut…

“Where Could I Be Now If I Only Had Better Employees?”

At first, I tried the traditional approach to fix my employee problems. I decided to hire an HR Director. One of the biggest staffing mistakes I ever made. She was only interested in “compliance” and playing it safe. She didn’t care about fixing staffing problems quickly because she wasn’t the one who had to come in at 4am if the opening manager didn’t show up.

No, it was always me who had to fill in for my problem employees.

I spent thousands and thousands on employment agencies thinking they could find me the superstar employees I so desperately craved. Boy was I disappointed when I realized the employment agencies weren’t interested in finding me the employees I needed to make my small business jump…they were only interested in “employee placements.”

I then turned to small business consultants to tell me exactly what I needed to do. I am too embarrassed to even tell you how much I spent with them… only to get wordy and frustrating recruiting manuals, training programs and employee development tools that no sane small business owner would ever feel comfortable using.

I was at the point where I felt like screaming out loud.  I needed fast no-nonsense answers to my employee problems that could work with lethal effectiveness in the heat-of-the-battle.

After all this costly struggle and wasted time, I was confused, to say the least.

But lucky for me (and lucky for you), I stumbled upon my first major staffing breakthrough… and it came from the most unlikely of places.

You see, about this time, I had this guy that worked for me (I nicknamed him Lucifer). He did his job quite well, just as I had trained him to do. The problem with Lucifer was that he was a miserable pain-in-the-ass and nobody liked working with him.

Lucifer was a master of the dark arts in the workplace: complaining, sarcasm, negativity, “button-pushing” and selfishness… in other words, he was a problem employee of the highest magnitude.

The glorious day I fired Lucifer’s sorry butt, I made a solemn vow that I would rather sleep in the streets than be held hostage by my problem employees ever again. Fiercely determined, I set out to create a staffing system to eliminate the endless employee drama and nonsense in my small business.

I didn’t even care what happened to the profitability of my small business (in fact, I figured profits would go down).

When I finished creating my staffing system, I was overjoyed to discover that I had eliminated 99% of the employee drama in my small business.

But boy, was I in for a…

Totally Unexpected Surprise …

Can you guess what else happened ?

BAM… sales jumped 197% in 3 short years! Believe me when I tell you, I took great joy getting rid of my mediocre staff and trading them in for superstar employees. But not only did I get rid of my problem employees… my profits TRIPLED…because now I could get more work done with less people.

I began to take long vacations- never worrying about a thing- because my employees now treat my small business like it’s their own!

Lo and behold, I had “accidentally” invented an astonishing staffing system that created the kind of riches I had never even dared to dream about. Once my bank book began to explode from the stunning impact that great employees had on the profitability of my small business, I knew I had something really, really special.

At first, I shared my staffing solutions with a few colleagues.  When my colleagues also experienced remarkably profitable results, I felt obligated to share my staffing system with other small business owners like you.

That, my friends, is why I am doing this.