Discipline and Terminations

If you own a small business– even if you are a “nice guy,” you are going to have to deal with problem employees.

But most small business owners wait too long to discipline and fire their employees because many small business owners are “nice guys” and “nice gals.”

For you, I’ve created a step-by-step system for counseling and firing employees that is a fair and logical process so that everybody involved understands where you are coming from. They will respect your decision and even if you need to fire them, it comes as no surprise…and it’s not going to ruin your week or even your afternoon.

Click Here for a Sample of my step-by-step-system!

With me as your small business coach, you will learn how to discipline your problem employees in a quick and organized fashion so things don’t snowball into a nest of nightmares, mutiny and poor employee morale.

Use my employee discipline system and your problem employee will improve their behavior– or they will just quit (the cleanest and least costly way to get them out of your life).

And I can give you my specially designed employment contract so that if your employees don’t follow your rules, you can fire them quickly with no heartache and legal BS down the road.

And when an employee starts causing trouble– I am expert at firing problem employees.

Or even better yet– I am also expert at just getting those problem employees to quit.

You know, problem employees will do more damage to your small business than you can ever possibly imagine.

Here Are Nine Ways That Your Problem Employees Will Do Damage To Your Small Business…

    1. The problem employee will talk bad about you and your small business behind your back.


    1. The problem employee will make you lose sleep because you will be worrying about what to do about them.


    1. The problem employee will destroy even your own morale …and your small business, which should be the pride and joy of your life, will become more like a prison sentence.


    1. The problem employee will distract you, from important projects because you will spend most of your time worrying about them.


    1. The problem employee will take advantage of you at every turn… milking– and stealing– whatever they can take from your small business.


    1. The problem employee will act like a zombie that does little or no work.


    1. The problem employee will whisper in the ears of your great employees so that even your great employees lose trust and respect for you


    1. The problem employee will occupy your thoughts even when you are not at work (when you should be enjoying your time off).


  1. The problem employee will make you lose customers and diminish your profits because the “bad apple” will be rude and indifferent to your loyal customers thereby sabotaging all of your hard work and marketing efforts.

Relax, small business owner. I’ll show you how to put the hammer down on your difficult, nightmare employees (the kind that keep you up at night).

As your small business consultant, I can show you how to spot employee performance problems (even the hidden ones), quickly. And when these problems arise, I will show you what to stop these problems dead in their tracks.

Here’s just a few of my small business tools that I will show you how to use when it is time to straighten out difficult employees (and keep you out of unemployment court):

My Employment Contract. I’ll show you how to hire employees with up-front expectations and a “built-in escape clause” that means you’re not stuck with them if they don’t work out (best yet, my escape clause holds up in court).

Counseling Session Form.  Use my counseling forms to create a step-by-step performance improvement plan to eliminate the negative employee behaviors that drive you crazy (your problem employees will understand where you are coming from… perfectly)

Termination Form. I will show you how to fire a problem employee… and how to avoid costly and irritating unemployment claims. (I know you don’t want your problem employees collecting unemployment from your small business while they lay on their couch at home and laugh at you while they watch TV for the next 6 months)…

Termination Checklist. My termination checklist tells you exactly what you need to do as a small business owner when it is time to “pull the trigger” and fire the problem employee.

Exit Interview Questionnaire. Find out what went wrong with the problem employee… and how to make sure it never happens again.

If you have grown sick-and-tired of problem employees destroying your efforts to create the small business of your dreams, then we really should talk.