Employee Handbook

If you want to make money and be happy, then it is essential that you lay down the rules that you expect your employees to obey.

And notice I said OBEY. I am a firm believer in employee obedience.

One of the “employee obedience tools” I give you is my specially designed employee handbook. My employee handbook will keep your employees nailed down tight and working for you, instead of you being at the mercy of your employees (Remember, you are the boss).

You see, if you fail to set clear rules– up front– your employees will take advantage of you in a number of ways (lateness, absenteeism, personal use of internet while at work, and talking bad about you behind your back, etc.).

My employee handbook includes a performance agreement that spells out spells out the terms of their employment in detail along with the tasks, behaviors and results they will be accountable for producing.

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Top Three Reasons Why My Employee Handbook Keeps You In Command Of Your Employees:

1. Your employees will know exactly what you expect from them (and I’ll write it in plain English)– and they will agree to obey your rules when they sign off on my employment handbook.

2. My Employee Handbook contains an employment contract with a built-in escape clause so that if you aren’t happy with the behavior of a new hire during the first 90 days, you can fire them at any time — with no legal implications down the road. Best yet, my employment contract holds up in court.

3. My employee handbook can save your ass. It can serve as legal protection if a disgruntled employee happens to file an unemployment claim against you… or, worse yet, a lawsuit.

You may even have an employee handbook right now and you don’t even know what is inside. Maybe a lawyer drew up your employee handbook or maybe you just downloaded it on-line.

More than likely, your employee handbook is written in complex, legal-eze gobblety-gook so that owners, management and employees alike never even look at the darned employee handbook.

Result: Your employees set their own rules of the workplace and take advantage of you.

And the fact that you, the small business owner, don’t know what’s inside your employee handbook is very dangerous indeed.

Why is this dangerous? Because your ungrateful employees will use your employee handbook as a weapon against you.

So, if you need a properly written employee handbook, I am here to help.

As your small business coach, I will write your employee handbook in plain English so that all employees (and management) can understand it.

In fact, your new employee handbook will become a useful tool to help you, the small business owner, clarify your rules and regulation  for every day and even complex situations.

And your new employee handbook won’t be 79 pages long.

And I won’t ask you a lot of questions. You see, it’s not my job to ask you what rules you want in your employee handbook… that’s not what I do.

It’s my job to tell you the rules you should have in your employee handbook. No thought or research on your part.

You see, working with me is really a simple, three step process…

Step One: I tell you exactly-what-to-do, every step of the way.

Step Two: Follow my simple instructions (or have your assistant follow them).

Step Three: Your small business finally has great employees that obey your rules thereby connecting you to increased profits, less drama and more worry-free time off. Done deal.

Here are some examples of the rules I will put in your Employee Handbook…

  • Attendance and punctuality. If they are going to be late for work or absent they must notify you ASAP (they will be considered late if they are one minute or more after their scheduled start time). If they are absent from work, a doctor’s note will be required upon their return, otherwise the absence will be unexcused.

    • Smoking policies. Your new employee handbook will have a no-smoking rule (inside and out). This way your smokers will get more work done because they won’t be outside smoking. And your non-smokers won’t be complaining to you that it is not fair that the smokers are outside taking “smoke-breaks.”


    • Internet use. Your new employee handbook will have a rule for the internet (their internet or your internet). Internet can only be used for business purposes only. Any violation of this policy is a first-time, terminable offense. Same goes for text messaging. I mean, really, do you want a bunch of text messaging zombies for employees?


    • Hours. Your employee handbook will state the normal working hours for full-time employees, rules for part-time employees, and how overtime compensation can be authorized for those entitled to it.


    • Pay and salaries. Your employee handbook will explain how you set pay and salaries and how you raise them.


  • Benefits. Your employee handbook will explain the rules relating to benefits, including vacation pay, sick pay, unpaid leave, health benefits, other insurance benefits, and retirement benefits.




  • Drug and alcohol abuse. Your employee handbook will have a policy prohibiting employees from using drugs or alcohol in the workplace (Your new employees should all take a drug test. It costs only about $30 and saves you hassles worth thousands down the road.




  • Break policies. You will control when they take breaks, not them (after all, you are the boss, right?).




  • All much, much more to help you stay in control of your small business.



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