Help Wanted Ads

If you have ever placed a help wanted ad only to attract a horrifying hodge-podge of tire-kickers, slackers and people that would just never work out… then this may be the most exciting message you ever read.

Work with me and you will never again have to hold on to a problem employees just because you need the “warm body.”

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A small business owner just told me the other day; ” I can’t bring myself to fire Jessica because I don’t know who would do her work.”

The reason he felt this way is because he was not confident in his ability to hire a suitable replacement.

If you have ever felt this way, I am here to help you.

And please don’t tell me that the people in your particular industry are a certain way and there is no hope.

You know, when I show you how to start writing better help wanted advertising…  you will get better applicants. GUARANTEED.

Essentially, you need to approach help wanted ads like a sales pitch – you need to sell  “Superstar Employees” on contacting you. I can show you how to write better help wanted ads that begin logically, as if you were talking to a guy you just met (and for god’s sakes, don’t talk like you got a stick up your ass).

And I can show you how to write help wanted ads for: Catering Chef Admin, Restaurants, Retail, Sales Reps, Fitness,Cashiers, Hospitality Country Club Hair Salons… and much, much more

The help wanted ad I write for you will talk about the job you have to offer— and your company– in very specific terms. I will talk in simple language give specific examples and numbers…no B.S., no philosophy. I will tell them everything (otherwise, you will hire them, ask them to do something, and they will grumble “Nobody ever told me I’d have to do that”).

I will find the perfect person for your job and your company. Someone who has no problem doing what you will be asking them to do.

Here are just a few examples of basic things I will include in your help wanted ad:

  1. What are the start-times, finish-times, days of the week?
  2. How much time is spent interacting with customers? Give percentages.
  3. What is the sales volume (sales, # of clients, etc.)?
  4. How much are you paying?
  5. What type of long-term performance goals would you expect your employee to accomplish (sales, productivity, qualified appointments, expenses as a percentage of sales, turnover ratios, closing percentage, customer satisfaction)?
  6. What specific day-to-day tasks would you expect your employee to perform (training, catering phone sales, delivery schedules, website editing, recipe development, production, etc.)?
  7. List the major task components of a typical day. What exactly will they be doing?  List the percentage of time that they will spend doing each task component. Give examples.
  8. Tell the employee what the profile of the customer base is. Older, Professional, Old School, Young Professionals, Yuppie, etc….

Even if you can fool them now, you won’t fool your employees once they get on the job. If you spout a lot of buzzwordy nonsense and you will attract people fluent in bullshit.

I will focus on the unique strengths of your small business (right now you may not even know what those strengths are). I can turn your current “weaknesses” into a competitive hiring advantage, helping your recruiting process for more effective hiring… and better workplace behavior.

You will be tickled pink when your new help wanted ad pulls in superstars who will treat your business like their own (and best yet… scare away the kind of people you don’t want).

Want to start writing better help wanted ads today?