How Perfect People Behave

If you have problem employees in your small business that spend more time bitching, gossiping and being just plain difficult… rather than getting the actual work done, then this could be the most exciting message you have ever read in your entire life (I am not kidding, folks).

Let’s face it. You don’t want to come to work and listen to your employee’s endless, nonsense conversations about their personal lives.  And you don’t want your problem employees fighting with each other over petty nonsense… or, worse yet, bad-mouthing you– and your small business– behind your back.

But hiring employees with good attitudes for your small business can be difficult to accomplish if you don’t know how to identify superstar employee behaviors.

I know.

Back in the day, I used to have employee behavior problems up the yin-yang. My employee problems were affecting every single part of my small business (and even my personal life) in ways that, back then, I could not even imagine.

Looking back, my difficult, problem employees were creating profit-sucking inefficiencies, morale problems… and I never felt comfortable leaving them alone.

How could this happen to me? I had been trained by the HR experts at fancy universities to do employee hiring, interviewing, training and performance reviews the “traditional” way.

Didn’t the HR experts have all the answers?

Upon examination, I found that most of my employee problems stemmed from the fact that the traditional way of doing employee hiring, interviewing, training and performance reviews is fundamentally flawed.

I had been spending my time training my employees to become technically expert on the “tasks” (accounting, marketing, finance, administration, production, etc.).

Sure, I needed employees with the talent to perform the physical tasks that I needed them to do, but I also needed employees with good attitudes, a good work ethic and a healthy respect for me, the boss.

At first, I had only a vague idea of the employee behaviors I craved. I had no inkling how to measure employee behavior.  So I set out to figure out exactly how I wanted my “Perfect People” to behave.

Fiercely determined, I plowed tens of thousands of dollars into small business consultants… I read every book on HR out there … and I even shelled out for an MBA in leadership development.

All this academic study was valuable, but I found most of my study very heavy on theory and light on action. What I needed was fast, no-nonsense small business staffing solutions that would work in the heat of battle.

So I ruthlessly cut through all the academic theory and boiled down my research and developed a small business performance review system that defines and measures superstar employee behaviors (the kind of employee behaviors that can make any workplace sing).

Now I am proud to be able to show you how to hire great employees for your small business.  Best yet, I can show you how to weed out the high-maintenance drama queens, the prima-donnas, the attendance problems, the evil administrative assistant, the goof-offs, slackers, and the “power-trippers.”

For you, as your small business coach, I developed a two page employee “Behavior Scorecard” that gives you clear examples of the 35 superstar employee behaviors that will make your workplace hum at an entirely different level which will translate into…

  1. reduced payroll costs and more profits for you
  2. reduced employee turnover
  3. More worry-free time off
  4. Less employee problems, B.S. and attitude in your workplace  

Even better yet, my Behavior Scorecard shows you how to grade and measure employee behaviors with specific, hard numbers… something nobody else has been able to accomplish up until now (and it only takes 15 minutes).

You see, once you learn how to measure employee behavior, you can evaluate employee behavior. Yes folks, I can show you how to measure and evaluate your employees on their attitude and behavior… and whether or not your employees are making you, the boss, happy.  

Download a free sample of our Behavior Scorecard Here!

Here is how my Behavior Based Performance Review works…

  Employee Behavior (66%)  + Tasks (34%)  = Performance Review Score

Yes, you are reading this right, with my Behavior Based Performance Review, 2/3 of your employee’s performance review will now be based on their attitude and behavior… and whether or not they are making you happy.  

With my unique Behavior Based Performance Review, I have the small business tool to show you how to hire– and train for— and measure– the superstar employee behaviors that will make your little heart yelp for joy (and your bank account swell up like crazy).

To purchase my full “Behavior-Based Performance Review System,“ visit our webstore. This performance review package includes my full Behavior Scorecard, which includes all the 35 specific, superstar employee behaviors that will get your employees smiling, cooperating, taking responsibility, hustling, and sacrificing for the good of the team…and your small business.