Interview Scorecards

If any of the following hiring problems sound familiar to you, then we should talk.

The Six Most Common Hiring Problems In Small Businesses…   

    • Have you ever interviewed a potential employee… you thought the candidate would be great … and then you hired them… only to be rudely disappointed?
    • Do you find yourself doing seat-of-the-pants employee interviews with no set interview questions (and the interviews take too long)?
    • Have you ever hired an employee who seemed eager to work for you … and have them “no-show” within a week?
    • Do you, the small business owner,  spend too much of your limited time dealing with employee problems, employee turnover and just trying to hire  “warm bodies” that can only do mediocre work?
    • Have you ever hired a “bad apple” employee, which led to you losing good customers?

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You know, back when I started out with my first small business, I made all these painful hiring mistakes… and more. Turns out, I had been getting fooled at the interview table. I didn’t have any clue when it came to scoring interviews, questions to ask, etc.

But lucky for me (and lucky for you), I learned how to fix all my hiring


The truth is, the odds are stacked against the small business owner when it comes to hiring superstar employees. 70% of your labor pool is filled with losers, slackers and thieves. If you hire these problem employeses, they will work against you and undermine your authority and destroy the morale in your small business.

I am here to tilt the interviewing “playing field” in the favor of your small business. What I have is a “step-by-step” small business interviewing system that removes all the guesswork, waste and frustration out of the interviewing process… once and for all… guaranteed.

You see, you can only get consistent interview results if you give consistent employee interviews.

But, sadly, almost all small businesses “wing it” because they have no interviewing system.

Truth is, 99% of all small businesses have no set interviewing questions to ask applicants during the interview process… and there are no criteria set to evaluate the applicant responses. Employee interviews are evaluated differently…usually by gut feel and random opinion.

Result: A never-ending string of hiring mistakes that cost you…

        • Your precious time (you have to deal with the high employee turnover and constant training of new hires).
        • Your precious money (did you know the cost of one turnover is 1.5 times the annual salary of that position)?
        • Your happiness (you, the small business owner, have to deal with all the “issues” that problem employees create).
      • Your customers (problem employees make lots of mistakes and treat your customers rudely).

Here Is Just Part Of What Makes My Interviewing Scorecard System Unique…

My customized, interview scorecard system is so easy-to-use that even a spanking-new-hire can be shown how to do the interviewing for you… in just five minutes. Here is the outline of my interview scorecard system.

        • First Interview Scorecard. Only 11 questions and takes only five minutes.
        • Second Interview Scorecard. Only 22 questions and takes only 30 minutes.
      • Third Interview Scorecard. Just 15 questions and takes only 15 minutes.

When your job applicant makes it through my Interview Scorecard System, you will have a potential superstar employee on your hands (the kind that will make your little heart yelp for joy when they walk through the door in the morning).

When you purchase my “Have Perfect People” Interview Scorecard System, I provide you with guidelines to measure the quality of the job applicant’s answer to each interview question.

My guidelines show you exactly what a good answer sounds like, what an average answer sounds like, and what a lame, BS answer sounds like. To make scoring the employee interviews a snap, I assign points to each interview response. For example, you give the applicant 2 points for a good answer, 1 point for an average answer, and 0 for a BS answer.

At the end of each interview, you just add these numbers up you get a hard-number point total.

Result: You can tell exactly how the candidate graded out in their job interview. Bye-bye winging it, Bye-bye gut-feel and Bye-bye hiring mistakes.

My Interview Scorecard System makes the evaluation of candidates so easy, effortless and profitable that you (and your employees) will start to enjoy interviewing job candidates.

Let me start off by making a big promise. When you start using my customized Interview Scorecard System, you can eliminate the above interviewing problems because your interviewing will be structured and consistent—even if you delegate the interviewing to a brand new hire.
With my interview questions you will know if the job candidate is going to show up on time, steal from you, be a team player, talk too much, have “high-maintenance issues,” etc.

Certainly my interviewing scorecards tell you whether or not your job candidate can do the work. But the best part is…
My Interviewing Scorecards Also Screen For The Behaviors That Can Drive You Crazy.

How did I do this?

I identified 35 behaviors that define superstar employee behavior in the workplace (and it took me ten years of my life to do this).  Once I isolated these 35 superstar workplace behaviors, I developed situational interview questions to determine whether the candidate will be a “happy-camper,” or a pain-in-the-ass, problem employee.

You will love how my interview scorecard system sniffs out employee behavioral problems. (You know the workplace behaviors I am talking about… selfish, contrary, sullen, moody, unmotivated, resentful, power-hungry, lazy, egotistical, finger-pointing, back-stabbing, etc.)