Job Description Template

If your small business organizational chart looks like the one below, I can help you straighten out this mess with my Job Description Template.


Sad Small Business Fact #1: Most small business owners do too many jobs because their employees just are not getting the work done.  And to add insult to injury, the small business owner’s employees walk around saying proudly; “That’s not in my job description.”

Result: Small business owners work harder than they should for a fraction of the profits they deserve.

Sad Small Business Fact #2: Most small business owners spend much of their time adding on to their already overwhelming to-do list.

Result: The small business owner ends up frustrated and overwhelmed dealing with stress at work… or just plain tired… and an organizational chart that looks like the one above.

Sad Small Business Fact #3: Unclear employee job descriptions result in you, the boss, doing all the work that slips through the cracks.

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Learning how to write job descriptions might not sound glamorous and exciting, but my experience has proven that if you learn how to write great job descriptions you will get great employees. And great employees will lead you (and your small business) to the promised land.

Always remember “Linneman’s Law”…

Great Employees = Increased Profits + More Time Off  +  Less Employee Drama

You know, in all small businesses… and this includes your small business… there are only about 30 critical, core tasks that must be defined, delegated — and executed—on a daily basis. These core tasks are made up of two components:

    1. The tasks that need to be done in all small businesses- like accounts payable, accounts receivable, production, customer service, sales, marketing, employee training and development.
  1. The tasks that are unique to your small business alone. For example, if you were a restaurant, these tasks might be catering, serving, chef, general manager, administrative assistant, sales associate, host/hostess etc.

You might not have even written out what these critical, core tasks are that you need to get done every day in your small business. All you really know is that you’re really busy and you desperately wish your employees could help you out more.

The truth is, you don’t need more employees (and more staffing headaches). What you need is more efficient employees who are focused on getting more work done (with less whining)… so you can reduce labor costs, increase profits, take long vacations and sleep better, too.

But you, the small business owner, need to get crystal-clear on what these job descriptions look like in your small business, because when you hire a new employee, you need to “lay-down-the-law” up front and let your new employee understand exactly what tasks you want them to do. .. and how you will measure employee performance.

If you don’t learn how to write job descriptions, you will always be spinning your wheels dealing with endless employee drama and wondering why you aren’t achieving the levels of success and profits you’ve always wanted from your small business.

This is where I, Kurt Linneman, come in as your business coach (and here is how I do it)…

  • I will coach you to write the job description that isolates the 30 core tasks that you need to hire for and train for…I’ll even do it for you if you want to go that way.
  • I will show you how to write a customized, one-page, job description template using my “Job Description Template” form.
  • I will give you the tools so you can learn how to write job descriptions for every employee in your small business.

Once we are done with your job description template, there is no way that even your most clueless employee will be unclear about their job description.  And best yet, when  performance review time comes up, you—and your employee– will know exactly how their performance will be evaluated.  The performance review becomes quick, painless and actually does what it is supposed to do—improve employee performance.

With clear job descriptions, everyone in your small business will be on the same page and you will finally be able to get your employees to be more responsible, motivated and focused. You will be amazed at how much easier staffing your small business becomes.

Here are some examples of staffing systems that you can improve once you learn how to write job descriptions:

1. Help Wanted Ads (When you have a crystal-clear job description, it is easy to write help wanted ads that will attract superstar employees who will enjoy doing the work you need them to do).

2. Interviewing Questions and Interviewing Answers(when you have a more clear job description, you can ask more specific interview questions so the job applicants won’t be able to B.S. you)

3. Employee Orientation (once you learn how to write job descriptions, your new employee will know exactly what you need them to do and orientation is a piece of cake)

4. Employee Training and Development (Effective employee training and development requires a crystal-clear job description)

5. Performance Reviews (once you learn how to write job descriptions, you will be able to easily write employee evaluations that create focused, superstar employees).

6. Employee Discipline and Termination (It is easy to discipline and terminate your problem employees with clear expectations of job performance).

7. Employee Retention (when you learn how to write job descriptions, you will begin to eliminate the employee turnover that drains your bank account and wastes your time.)

Finally, become a small business owner … instead of just being a “worker bee” who’s just a slave to his “hardly-working”-employees.
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