Crystal Clear Job Orientation

If you don’t know all you need to know about new employee orientation, then you could be passing up an enormous part of your annual income.

You will never have as much power as you do at the time of hire. You literally have the “hammer-in-your-hands.” Your new employee will not argue with you now (they might argue with you if you tell them what you want later).

When I am through setting up your new hire orientation, your new employee will be nailed down so tight, you’ll never again have to hear “It’s not in my job description.”

Don’t sabotage your new employee’s enthusiasm with a disorganized, unprofessional orientation.

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Top Three Reasons Why My Orientation Checklist Kicks Ass:

    • You can train them quicker because your employee will have a clear understanding of your small business’ goals and expectations (You will spend less of your precious time doing the orientation and your new employee will start making money for you faster).
    • Since you will lay down the law up-front, there will be a lot less employee drama down the road (They will be less likely to leave you on short notice).
    • Your new employee will be more productive and happier as they begin their careers because they will be given a crystal-clear job description (They won’t feel deceived or tricked).

Let me show you how to quickly (and in less than an hour)… get your orientation checklist down so your new superstar employee can know everything he needs to know and get working for you (and making money for you)…

Here’s what I will give you so that you can put your orientation on autopilot.

    • Application Forms
    • W-9’s
    • Employment Contract (with my built-in escape clause)
    • Employee Handbooks

(yes, we will write you one in plain English)

Heck, if you hire me as your small business coach, I’ll even go over “Job Descriptions,” “Training Plans,” and “Performance Reviews.”
Finally be in control of your new employees. (Remember, you are the boss).