Office Catering Consulting

If you want to turn your office catering business into a money making machine… while at the same time providing you with lots of worry-free time off… I know exactly how to do it.

Office catering is something I do extremely well. I have owned my own office catering business, Crocodile Catering, for the last 23 years.

Need more sales? I can help you find a profitable stream of corporate clients that will pay top dollar and order from you each week, Monday through Friday.

Need recipes and simple, fool-proof operating systems? so that your corporate catering business runs virtually on autopilot– without you having to be there cracking the whip every second. (I used to think my business would fail if I wasn’t there cooking and answering phones).

Need better employees? I have the interview scorecards, the help-wanted ads, the performance reviews, the training plans and the job descriptions. All done for you.

I got into office catering because I liked working with food but I needed "normal" working hours (no night, no weekends). I didn’t want my kids to grow up and never see Daddy. Plus I like to play golf in the afternoon and weekends and eat at fancy restaurants at night.

But I started out with mediocre results, just like you. My catering business- which should have been my pride and joy- haunted my days and my nights… high employee turnover, incompetent catering chefs, high food costs, theft, absenteeism, lots of employee drama, etc.

And I worked 60, 70 and even 80 hours a week.

I had to find a way out– but there was nobody out there to help me. I needed simple, fool-proof systems that would work fast in the heat of battle.

What I set out to do (and did accomplish) was systemize the business of office catering so I could earn the money I deserved and enjoy the time off I needed.

So I spent the next ten years developing a real-world, do-it-yourself staffing system – tailored to office catering– to cure my "problem employees" – and lower my labor and food costs– for once and for all.

Oh, I also discovered how to double my sales. Then I doubled them again. 

Today I am rich and relaxed.

Now I want to show you how to do all of my techniques, systems and secrets. And it’s all so mind-numbingly simple.

I want to make you rich and set you free.

I have all the recipes, menus, hiring strategies, marketing tips, the operations manuals to put your catering business on auto-pilot– and get you laughing all the way to the bank.

You might be able to figure this stuff out yourself, but it would take twenty years of your life to do it.

Sidestep all the brutally hard work I went through.(I only wish there was someone like me to coach me when I got started). 

And there is zero risk. You see, I’m willing to guarantee your success.

Once you finish my consulting program, you will automatically be equipped to make your catering business more profitable and valuable than you ever dared to imagine.

Here are the most requested components of my office catering consulting program. (Each caterer has their own special needs so what we go over when we talk depends on your specific needs).

  1. “300 Tested Recipes” designed specifically for office catering. I do hot buffets, cold buffets, Italian, Mediterranean, tapas, bbq, etc. I streamline my recipes to keep labor costs low… and I explain things in ways so simple that even a dumb-ass, hung-over sous-chef can replicate them. All my recipes are written in large type and easily fit on to 5"x8" index cards.
  2. “Catering Menus That Sell Like Hotcakes.” My menus are trendy– but not too weird. My food is also easy to present and display (no white gloves, ice sculptures, linens, flowers, tiering). Best yet, my menus are designed to deliver a 20% food cost.
  3. Perpetual Marketing Delivery System.”  Finally, a surprisingly simple way to get each member of your staff to go out and do the selling for you– while they deliver catering.  My system catches on like wildfire without you having to go out and do the embarrassing cold calling.  You can also say goodbye to every having to use expensive advertising that never really works anyway.
  4. Perpetual Marketing Phone System.”  This is extremely important in office catering because the phone person is often the first person in your business who your customers encounter.  My phone system outlines exactly how to: answer the phone, take accurate orders, talk to corporate clients, generate referrals, stimulate word-of-mouth, and upsell.
  5. Website Marketing,” without using expensive pay-per-click. I am the foremost expert on Google placement for office catering.  I can get you onto the first page of Google for the 5 zip codes surrounding your catering area. (You do know that when your customers are searching for office catering they Google the zip code or town first, don’t you?). I can also set you up with an easy-to-use email marketing system.
  6. “20% Food Cost.” I laugh at my peers and competitors who think that running 30% food cost is acceptable.  I’ve been running 20% food cost for the last 7 years in my office catering business. Just imagine what running a 20% food cost could do for you.( If you do $1 million in sales a year and you cut food cost by 10%, that’s $100,000 in your pocket.)
  7. “Hiring.”  Back when I was struggling, employee turnover was high, morale was low, and customers were unhappy.  Once I developed my hiring system, all those problems went away… and boy did profits soar. I have the help wanted ads and interview scorecards to help you separate the scammers from the superstars. My customized, interview scorecard system is so easy-to-use that even a spanking-new-hire can be shown how to do the interviewing for you… in just five minutes!
  8. “Operations Manual.”  Of course I can hand you tools. Let me tell you about just a few of them…
    • Flow Charts & Job Descriptions- that you can use to nail your staff down so tight that you will smile softly to yourself with your new-found power.
    • Expediting- with my fool-proof system, your workers will never miss a thing.  You’ll never again have to worry about sending out an order without the forks or potato salad.
    • Performance Reviews- With my unique Behavior Based Performance Review, I have the small business tool to show you how to hire– and train for— and measure– the superstar employee behaviors that will make your little heart yelp for joy (and your bank account swell up like crazy).
    • Discipline & Termination- For you, I’ve created a step-by-step system for counseling and firing employees that is a fair and logical process so that everybody involved understands where you are coming from. They will respect your decision and even if you need to fire them, it comes as no surprise…and it’s not going to ruin your week or even your afternoon.
    • And much, much more.

As you can see, just about everything that I have listed above should be important to you.

But here is the BIG POINT that I want to make. It doesn’t matter just how important these things are if you don’t fully grasp them. And this goes right back to the three reasons that I created this one-on-one consulting program:

    • It allows me to present you the information in the EXACT order you need to hear it. We tackle your biggest problem first, then go to the next one.
    • It allows me to give it to you in bite-sized segments– and only what you need– so you are not overwhelmed with information.
    • You won’t have to study anything or find your own special answers.

You see, this is an IMPLEMENTATION program for lightning fast results. I tell you EXACTLY what to do.

In fact, this is the only program of its kind that actually GUARANTEES that you master the most valuable and profitable skills to make all the money you like… thanks to my exclusive money-back guarantee.

And look how much money you can save...

Cost Savings Example #1. Let’s look at what reducing employee turnover can save your catering business. Did you know that one turnover costs you 1.5 times the annual salary of that position? So, say you hired a catering chef for $30,000 a year… and that chef walks out the door (for whatever reason)… that’s $45,000 you just lost that you could have put in your pocket.

And just think about this… if reducing employee turnover is a problem for you, I’m going to save you at the minimum 2 turnovers a year! That’s $90,000 saved in the just the very first year…talk about a coaching program paying for itself fast.

Cost Savings Example #2. Just imagine what running a 20% food cost could do for you. If you do $1 million in sales a year and you currently run a 30% food cost, you just cut your food cost by 10%. That’s $100,000 in your pocket.

RESULT: $190,000 savings…in the first year alone (using just two of my easy-to-install small business tools).

And look how much money you can make

The icing on the cake... is the way you will increase profits in your catering business. One of the biggest reasons people love my catering hiring system so much is because it solves their headaches– but the icing on the cake is the increased profits (and yes I’m asking you to trust me, here).

You see, my hiring system will help you with the marketing  because I can show you how to hire and coach great employees that will automatically become obsessed with pleasing your customers.

You see, great employees attract the best, loyal customers that create a great, profitable catering business. 

As you can see, even if I charged tens of thousands of dollars for my coaching program, it would still be cheap (what I have created has meant millions to me).

Here is how I most often package my consulting…

The Six Week “Gold Club” Membership ($4999) 
For this coaching program, I will treat you like my most important student for the entire six weeks. I will coach you on how to plug my catering system into your catering business.

I’m going to coach you through your most pressing problems that you are currently experiencing. When you join my Gold Club, here are the steps I go through to take your business to the next level:

  • Six, One Hour, Coaching Calls. If you’re close by, we can do the first one in person. ( retail value= $2994)
  • Unlimited, “front-burner” email access for the full six weeks. (retail value= $2599) During all of this, I will be available via email. You can shoot me an email if you have a question about what we’ve talked about and I can get back to you with an answer.
  • MP3 of all six of our coaching calls (I talk fast and you won’t want to miss a single stress-reducing, money-making tip).
  • You will get top priority for scheduling our calls.  I will have all your emails flagged for my attention.  I will devote hours to critiquing your business… with full focus, and steely-eyed discipline($1999).
  • And, finally, I will ship you a complete set of every catering tool I have ever offered for sale (retail value= $899)… 

The total retail value of this Gold Membership is way over $6,000.

if you’re finally ready to move ahead of the pack, and take advantage of the skills and secrets that ONLY a true, respected veteran professional can share with you… you need to put aside whatever you were going to do next and see if I can squeeze you into my coaching schedule:

Warning: Please be sure this is what you want before you come aboard…I’ll be investing my heart and soul in your small business…
and I’ll be expecting the same from you.

Still not sure?

How about a “no weasels” 100% guarantee? I will shoulder all the risk. I won’t even run your card if you aren’t blown away after your first one hour consult… we’ll just shake hands and walk away).  But this isn’t going to happen. It’s never happened before. I am really committed to over-delivering and making sure your small business improves by quantum leaps.