One-On-One Coaching

If you just want an expert to tell you EXACTLY what to do…every-step-of-the-way… to solve your chronic employee problems… and put a staffing system in place for your small business… then here is your best option.

Right now, I have 2 small business one-on-one coaching programs available to turn your business into a lean, mean, money-making machine…

The Six Week “Gold Club” Membership ($3999) and The Six Week “Platinum Club” Membership($6999) a new, super-intense opportunity that may cause a qualified few to weep with happiness…

1) The Six Week “Gold Club” Membership. 
For this coaching program, I will coach you on how to plug my staffing system into your small business… no matter what business you are in (just some minor tweaking and you are good-to-go). I will treat you like my most important student for the entire six weeks.

I’m going to coach you through your most pressing employee problems that you are currently experiencing. When you join my Gold Club, here are the steps I go through to take your small business to the next level:

  • Six one-hour Coaching Calls. If you’re close by, we can do the first one in person. ( retail value= $4194)
  • Unlimited, “front-burner” email access for the full six weeks. (retail value= $2997) During all of this, I will be available via email. You can shoot me an email if you have a question about what we’ve talked about and I can get back to you with an answer.
  • You will get top priority for scheduling our calls.  I will have all your emails flagged for my attention.  I will devote hours to critiquing your business… with full focus, and steely-eyed discipline.
  • And, finally, I will ship you a complete set of every coaching tool I have ever offered for sale (retail value= $899)… 

The total retail value of this Gold Membership is way over $6,000.

Visit our webstore to purchase easy-to-use, inexpensive tools to solve your staffing problems quickly and suddenly.


If you would like more individualized help and attention, send me an email to set up your one-on-one coaching sessions. It could make all the different for you…have you smiling and dancing…while your peers and competitors are weeping, wailing, and wringing their hands in despair.

Email me at and I will set up a FREE 15 minute over-the-phone consult to answer any questions you have about working with me.

2) The Six Week “Platinum Club” Membership.
My Platinum Club Membership is my absolute best bargain because I will immerse myself in your small business for the full six weeks, roll up my sleeves and personally fix the employee problems that you have come to believe are just the “nature-of-your-particular-beast.”

The Platinum Club is for the small business owner that doesn’t want business coaching as much as he wants to “wave-his-magic-wand” and fix their most vexing people problems. And the small business owner wants these staffing solutions handed to them on the proverbial silver platter—ready to go and DONE-FOR-THEM.

And, of course, the Platinum Club member wants lightning-fast results.

Here is my “Platinum Club” Membership in a nut-shell …

Everything contained in The “Gold Membership.”

  • Six, one hour, one-on-one coaching calls (if you’re close by, we can do the first one in person). (retail value= $4194)
  • Unlimited,“front-burner” email access for the full six weeks. ( retail value= $2997) During all of this, I will be available via email. You can shoot me an email if you have a question about what we’ve talked about and I can get back to you with an answer. I can either hook you up with the resources that I have here (or I’ll put you in contact with the people I know and the vast resources I have at my command).
  • MP3 of all six of our coaching calls (I talk fast and you won’t want to miss a single stress-reducing, money-making tip).
  • You will get top priority for scheduling our calls.  I will have all your email flagged for my attention.  I will devote hours to critiquing your business… with full focus, and steely-eyed discipline.
  •  And, finally, I will ship you a complete set of every coaching tool I have ever offered for sale (retail value= $899)  


Three “Done-For-You” Employee Project Solutions. (retail value= $4999 )

  • If help wanted ads have been a problem, I will research your small business and write you one that kicks-ass.
  • If employee job descriptions have been unclear, I will write you one that no employee can deny or wiggle out of..
  • If discipline and attendance have been a problem, I’ll give you the tools to straighten out your unruly staff, once and for all.
  • If you need an employee performance review system put into place… I will do it for you.
  • If teamwork has been a problem, I’ll change the culture in your company and get your employees working together like happy working bees, all the while smiling at you and thanking you for the opportunity 🙂
  • If you need to get more work done with less people, I will do an efficiency analysis and tell you exactly-what-to-do to reduce payroll costs while improving basic quality.
  • If you need  job description forms customized exactly to your business, consider it done.
  • If you want to improve your employees’ attitude and get them to brightly say “good morning” to you, I can get that done-for-you, too.
  • If you need help with your marketing, SEO and customer service, I can do that for you with that too.
  • And so many more money-making, done-for-you solutions I can’t even begin to list them here.

The total retail value of this Platinum Club Membership is way over $10,000.

You see, running a profitable small business is all about how well you do interviewing employees, hiring, training, motivating, disciplining and firing.

I can give you the system, the strategy, the tools– and the courage– to make the straight-forward changes to get you to where I am with my own small businesses (lots of money, long vacations, zero drama).

My staffing system will get your employees to focus on the big picture… YOU.

Remember, YOU are the owner and YOU deserve the respect– and the obedience– of your employees.

This is a unique opportunity because of the way I am delivering this life-changing, staffing system… face-to-face. My small business coaching program is all about IMPLEMENTATION and RESULTS (You are very busy and don’t have the time to read a book or sift through a horrifying string of emails).

You see, no course or book or training seminar can replace this kind of hard-core, ‘git-er-done’, one-on-one small business coaching that I provide.

I’ll help you get up and running with my staffing system… literally over night. You won’t need to hire any extra staff (remember, you don’t need more employees, you need better employees).

With my staffing system, there is no need for any special software…no lengthy meetings…and most of it can be implemented in minutes. I will treat you like my most important student.

    • If you have “train-wrecks” that need repair, we’ll fix ‘em.


    • If you need encouragement and a kick-in-the-pants to break through to the next level in business, I’ll give you that boost.


  • If you want to suck up every shred of knowledge I have, I’m all for it.

As a small business coach, I love to share… and it’s more fun for me when it’s focused on profits and results.

I’ll make myself available to the person that you choose to implement my simple, yet elegant staffing system (remember you don’t need to hire an HR person)…and, as your small business coach, I’ll be available to make sure it’s smooth and every single question you have is answered by email or phone.

When you come on board with me, you’ll find it’s really as simple as it sounds… remember, I designed my staffing system to simplify my life and that’s why I stripped everything down to the bare-bones essentials (I limit forms to one page wherever possible).

All my training materials are written in a simple, conversational tone (no theory, no academic language).

So now is the time to get on the right track to having “Perfect People” in your small business. Start hiring superstar employees that will happily do the work for you… so you can enjoy more time off and spend less time worrying about your bad employees.

Learn how to eliminate the “bad seeds” and problem employees. Lots of times I can just show you how to make the bad ones quit (you won’t even have to worry about firing them).

And the best part is… my one-on-one coaching pays for itself so quickly, it’s almost absurd.

Cost Savings Example #1. Let’s look at what reducing employee turnover can save your small business. Did you know that one turnover costs you 1.5 times the annual salary of that position? So, say you hired an employee for $30,000 a year… and that employee walks out the door (for whatever reason)… that’s $45,000 you just lost that you could have put in your pocket.

And just think about this… if reducing employee turnover is a problem for you, I’m going to save you at the minimum 2 turnovers a year! That’s $90,000 saved in the just the very first year…talk about a coaching program paying for itself fast.

Cost Savings Example #2.  Does getting more work done with less people sound good to you? When you start hiring superstar employees (instead of “Average Joes”), you will find that you can eliminate two of your current slacking employees for every superstar employee you hire (this is because superstar employees get twice as much work done than the common working drone… and they make less costly mistakes).

So when you hire a superstar employee for $30,000, you can eliminate two slackers who you are paying $60,000/year. So for every superstar employee you hire, you save $30,000. And this is just for entry-level positions, folks…your savings will only get bigger and bigger when you are hiring for more advanced positions.

RESULT: $120,000 savings…in the first year alone (using just two of my easy-to-install small business tools).

Still not sure? How about a “no weasels” 100% guarantee? I will shoulder all the risk. I won’t even run your card if you aren’t blown away after your first one hour consult… we’ll just shake hands and walk away).  But this isn’t going to happen. It’s never happened before. I am really committed to over-delivering and making sure your small business improves by quantum leaps.

Warning: Please be sure this is what you want before you come aboard…I’ll be investing my heart and soul in your small business…
and I’ll be expecting the same from you.

Like I said, this one-on-one small business coaching plan is different, unique and it’s going to get your small business turned around and on the fast track to where you always wanted it to be, which is… Less drama… more profits… more worry free time-off.