Recruiting Game Plan

If your small business is not currently providing you with freedom, wealth, and opportunity to work on new ideas, I am here to help.

The truth is, most self-employed small business owners feel like they want to hire better employees, but they just don’t know where to begin. The problem is that the small business owner has no step-by-step, smooth-business-game-plan for recruitment to help find superstar employees for their small business.

Result: The small business owner “wings it” and hops from one staffing approach to another trying to figure out what to do next.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry Mr. Small Business Owner, I have that recruiting game plan.

Download a Free Sample of our Recruiting Game Plan Here!

I can show you how to hire and interview great employees no matter what business you are in.

Your life will become so much easier when I show you how to wean your small business from dependence on you… and, instead, get your small business to depend on my staffing system.

Here are the steps that you need to go through to develop a staffing system that repeats itself time after time:

    • Do a careful analysis of your small business– and your labor pool.
    • Create a customized recruiting sources template – designed especially for your small business. This template should tell you exactly who to contact when it is time for you to place a help wanted ad. And the template should also tell you who to contact first, second, third etc.
    • For each position in your small business write a killer help wanted ad that attracts superstar employees and scares away the problem employees… (a.k.a. the losers, the slackers, the prima-donnas and the thieves).
    • For consistent interviewing, you need to build a customized, three-screen interview scorecard system…specific to your small business staffing needs. (These interview scorecards should be so easy-to-use and score, that even a new hire can do it for you).
    • Develop a reference checklist so you can find out how your prospective employee performed at their last job (the most reliable indicator of future performance).
      • Find the best on-line screening tools for pre-employment assessment to evaluate your prospective employees for intelligence, responsibility, focus, customer service, honesty, work ethic and more.


Once you develop this step-by-step process, you can put your staffing system on autopilot.

But I know right now you’re saying, ”Kurt, I really need this staffing system but it sounds like a lot of work and I just don’t have time.”

Relax, Mr. Small Business Owner.

This is where I come in.

I will do all the brutally hard work for you and give you the simple steps that you can follow to get superstar employees into your small business (and I give you these steps on a silver platter).

Hire me as your small business consultant and I will lay out a step-by-step recruiting game plan that is specific to your small business.  This recruiting game plan will be so straight forward and easy-to-use, you can even hand this game plan off to your assistant and feel  confident that things will go smoothly… every single time.

No more guesswork and no more re-inventing the wheel.