Speaking and Presentations

In his usual, highly-energized, motivating, fun and entertaining way, KurtLinneman will help your staff (or your students) learn proven small business strategies that they can put into practice immediately upon returning to work or school.

Result: A more productive, creative and inspirational team.

Although Kurt has a Masters Degree in Leadership Development, he is one of the most down-to-earth guys you’ll ever meet in business.

And Kurt keeps it “light.” Kurt has his own unique collection of workplace leadership challenges and inspirational messages that he has collected and developed over the years. Everything Kurt talks about in his keynote speeches is real… and it is all really funny.

Your people will thank you.

Keynote #1: “Real-Life, No B.S.  Workplace Leadership.”

Kurt Linneman would like to share his workplace leadership secrets with your employees to make your small business hum at an entirely new level. He gives simple, no-nonsense small business coaching tools that your employees can start using today to become more productive and responsible (and eliminate 99% of your workplace drama almost overnight).

Kurt Will Teach Your Employees How To:

    • Perform work with passion and enthusiasm. Become more committed to each other and your organization’s goals
    • Become more receptive to your constructive criticism (they might even thank you for it)
    • Focus on the “big-picture-purpose” of their work (you).
    • Step out of their individual comfort zones, make decisions and take responsibility.
    • Treat all people with respect… regardless of position or circumstance
    • Make personal sacrifices for the good of your small business.
    • Leave their “baggage” at home

Results For You:

    • Increased profits
    • Reduced payroll costs
    • More worry-free time off
    • Less stress and complaining
    • Reduced employee turnover

So don’t take a chance by only hoping (or praying) that your employees will “just learn to get along.” Set the stage for a quantum leap in your small business’ future success by setting aside two hours today

The duration of the basic keynote presentation is 60 minutes (including Q&A) and prices start at $300.

Keynote #2:“Discover The Leader Within You”

This keynote presentation is given for free to non-profit organizations, schools and youth leadership groups and is available on a limited basis.

Kurt Linneman has been running his own very successful small businesses over the last 20 years. He shares how he came to discover the workplace leadership secrets that have made his small businesses so successful.

Your people will begin to think about their own leadership potential in a whole new, exciting way.

Best yet, in this presentation, Kurt will keep your people highly interested because he gives simple, no-nonsense leadership tools that your people can use today to:

    • Make more money
    • Be happier at work
    • Make a positive impact on others

The duration of this keynote presentation is about 30 minutes.

Interested? Contact Kurt At Kurt@HavePerfectPeople.com